17-21 September 2012
Clarion Conference Centre
Europe/Prague timezone

EMI STS - Transforming the existing user credentials for the Grid

19 Sep 2012, 14:15
Nadir (Clarion Conference Centre)


Clarion Conference Centre

Presentation Virtual Research Environments (Gergely Sipos: track leader) AAI Workshop


Henri Mikkonen (Helsinki Institute of Physics)

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Demo/ Talk: The EMI project is responding to the challenges in the Grid credential management with a new general purpose service, the Security Token Service (STS). STS is a service that can be used for transforming an existing security token into another security token format. From the clients' point of view STS is a Web Service that, like any other Web Services, is accessed using the SOAP protocol. This means that any party capable of producing specified request messages and understanding response messages can act as a client if they have an access to a security token supported by STS. By enabling the token transformation, STS can establish a trust relationship between different security and application domains. This presentation also contains a short demonstration of the STS service in action.

Primary author

Henri Mikkonen (Helsinki Institute of Physics)

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