17-21 September 2012
Clarion Conference Centre
Europe/Prague timezone

Astro Community and DCIs: user requirements, use-cases, test-beds & VRCs

18 Sep 2012, 14:20
Leo (Clarion Conference Centre)


Clarion Conference Centre

Presentation Community and Co-ordination (Sergio Andreozzi: track leader) Experience in community building


Claudio Vuerli (INAF)

Wider impact of this work

If accepted and successful, it is expected that the outcome of the session will significantly impact the A&A HUC in relation to DCIs. The success of the session, in fact, means a progress in identifying and creating new VRCs and new applications and workflows to port on DCIs, and this is crucial to improve the effectiveness of the coordinating action within the HUC. Attendees will be invited to present one or more use-cases and test-beds related to their scientific work to be discussed and analysed during the session in order to understand how they can be ported on various DCIs. The purpose of the session is therefore to encourage a discussion of the technical aspects related to concrete proposals related to the creation of new VRCs and the porting of applications and workflows on DCIs rather than to merely host a number of presentations.

Description of the work

The session, chaired by the current coordinators of the A&A HUC, will initially illustrate where the A&A HUC is now within the EGI ecosystem, trying to identify what still hampers the adoption of DCIs by the A&A HUC; this discussion will also include the status of proposals for new A&A VRCs, those presented in the past as well as those brought for the first time in this session. The second part of the session then will be dedicated to discuss and analyse the pool of user requirements, use-cases and test-beds proposed by the research leaders, scientists and software developers who attend the session; for each of the proposed use-cases and test-beds it will be discussed their scientific background, their ability to represent a whole class of applications and workflows and all aspects related to their porting on various DCI related platforms. The session should also be useful to identify astronomical Institutes, projects and groups able to bring detailed workflow proposals to be integrated in Science Gateways and used through them. The final part of the session will be dedicated to conclusions and next steps to be undertaken to activate new VRCs and to port the analysed use-cases, test-beds, applications and workflows on DCIs.

Printable Summary

A&A has been recognized as one of the HUCs in EGI. Its coordination aims at promoting the adoption of DCIs within it. To achieve this objective the creation of a number of well-focused A&A-related VRCs in EGI is mandatory. To this end several meetings of the community have been organized in the past. Now this process has to continue; it is necessary to further push the activity aimed at gathering user requirements, use-cases and test-beds, applications and workflows to port and run on DCIs, all of them useful to increase the number of potential users and to identify and help the creation process of candidate VRCs. The required 270-minutes session is aimed at research and project leaders, scientists and software developers and will: a) describe the steps taken so far and the current status of the HUC; b) discuss about new candidate VRCs and the related creation process; c) discuss the requirements and the pool of use-cases and test-beds brought by the attenders of the session.

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