17-21 September 2012
Clarion Conference Centre
Europe/Prague timezone

ERINA+: Welcome and Overview

19 Sep 2012, 11:00
Kepler (Clarion Conference Centre)


Clarion Conference Centre

Presentation Community and Co-ordination (Sergio Andreozzi: track leader) e-Infrastructure Impact Assessment Methodologies


nadia nardi (Engineering Ingegneria Informatica spa)

Description of the work

e-Infrastructures receives considerable support from the EC, in order to sustain the evolution of e-Science, by improving technology helping researchers, along with the circulation of their survey results across Europe. The EC financed 91 e-Infrastructures projects since 2009 and, in a context of limited resources, the impacts associated to this financing requires to be carefully assessed to be sure that the concrete goals set by the EU for the e-infrastructure domain are achieved, if and how the financed projects contribute to these goals. The ERINA+ study goes exactly in that direction. Pivotal of the project is the development of a methodology to assess both the impact of e-Infrastructures on the general economy.(and society) and the impact produced by e-Infrastructures projects to the e-Infrastructures, therefore evaluating also the value they add to the general economy and social welfare. The methodology will produce an assessment in qualitative and quantitative terms and means. Its main components include: a mapping of e-Infrastructures and e- Infrastructures projects, the analysis of their socio-economic impacts, an valuation of e-Infrastructures performance also from the point of view of their users and other stakeholders and the analysis of the impact on European Research Area development. A web tool developed by the consortium will enable projects to perform a self-assessment that will help them in understanding their impacts and in improving their
sustainability plans.

The presentation will present:
(1) The ERINA+ Overview
(2) The ERINA+ Methodology
(3) The ERINA+ Data Gathering Tools
a. Project Self-Assessment Webtool
b. Project Users’ Questionnaire
c. Key Stakeholder Questionnaire
(4) The preliminary data collection results.

Wider impact of this work

The impact will be the presentation ERINA+ Project Self-Assessment Webtool, the opportunity for the attendees to better understand the methodology, the opportunity to further transfer the ERINA+ methodology and for spreading a culture of socio-economic impact assessment and to have an open discussion.

Printable Summary

The ERINA+ consortium will be presenting the final shape of the assessment methodology, as a comprehensive means to enable a socio-economic impact analysis of e-Infrastructures. Part of the discussion will be dedicated as well to the main operational tools which, above all, helped the Consortium in the gathering of information and, therefore, allowed the projects to enter the second phase of data analysis, coming to a first overall assessment of the e-Infrastructures domain through:
- The ERINA+ Project Self-Assessment Webtool, released in July 2012;
- Online questionnaires for retrieving information and feedback from e-Infrastructures from two perspectives: (a) e-Infrastructure Key Stakeholders of and (b) Users of the projects’ services.

Primary author

Andrea Manieri (Engineering)


Francesco Bellini (Eurokleis) Josef Benedikt (ZSI) Dr antonella passani (T6 ecosystems) nadia nardi (Engineering Ingegneria Informatica spa)

Presentation Materials