17-21 September 2012
Clarion Conference Centre
Europe/Prague timezone

Marketing and Communications Strategies

18 Sep 2012, 11:00
Leo (Clarion Conference Centre)


Clarion Conference Centre

Session Community and Co-ordination (Sergio Andreozzi: track leader) Marketing and Communications Strategies


Catherine Gater (EGI.EU) Neasan ONeill (EGI.EU)

Wider impact of this work

The workshop is aimed at researchers and members of the community who need to communicate their work to targeted audiences. It will be of particular interest to those who are new to communicating research in these areas, or who have particular problems in getting their message out that they would like to share with other communications specialists. We hope to see a good attendance by the NGI International Liaisons and communications teams from collaborating projects, in particular ENVRI and the other ESFRI projects.

Printable Summary

Marketing and communicating your work effectively is a key aim for EC-funded projects. With Horizon 2020 coming onstream in 2014, funders are increasingly focused on getting the research they support noticed. Marketing strategies need to focus on establishing engagement with a range of audiences, including scientists, research infrastructures and policy makers. This interactive session focuses on building outreach strategies that will open up two way channels with different audiences and encourage dialogue. This is particularly important when addressing new audiences, such as new users of e-infrastructures like the ESFRI projects, in order to ensure that their requirements can be gathered and to promote new tools and services available to them.

Description of the work

This session will include practical advice on communicating the results from research carried out on a national, international or global basis. The main focus will be on communicating with new users, and the work carried out to date in reaching out the ESFRI communities. In particular, the session will focus on work with the ENVRI project, to gather a network of contacts within the environmental sciences research infrastructures that will enable outreach to their diverse user communities.

The session will also cover the use of Virtual Teams to enhance marketing and communications activities. Previous VTs have included a team gathering NGI-related content for the EGI website, and a team that developed a plan for EGI’s attendance at the European Geophysics Union. The session will propose new ideas for communications-focused VTs in the third year of EGI-InSPIRE and outline plans for implementation.

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