17-21 September 2012
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19 Sep 2012, 14:25
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Clarion Conference Centre


Udo Schäfer (Alcatel-Lucent)

Description of the work

Udo Schäfer joined Alcatel-Lucent in February 1992. He studied computer science and received his degree from the University of Stuttgart. In different roles within the company he worked on networking solutions as the German research & education network G-Win built with SDH in 2000, the WDM based Géant2 built in 2005 and the IP based ESnet now in 2012. Today he leads the customer marketing team in Alcatel-Lucent’s Global Account organization focusing on the Deutsche Telekom Group.

Printable Summary

The limiting factor in the adoption and success of Cloud Computing today is moving from IT towards the WAN infrastructure, where Internet – even if it is high speed – is not any more good enough. It is about guaranteed transfer rates, latency at the speed of light – all together without losing any bit of transferred data. This and inherent security of all data while being in WAN transit can be facilitated by commercial networking solutions.

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