17-21 September 2012
Clarion Conference Centre
Europe/Prague timezone

Authorization in Grids using an Electronic ID Card

19 Sep 2012, 14:30
Nadir (Clarion Conference Centre)


Clarion Conference Centre

Presentation Resource Infrastructure services (Peter Solagna: track leader) AAI Workshop


Anton Frank (BADW-LRZ)

Printable Summary

Two years ago Germany was the 10th European country to introduce an electronic ID card. Apart from the usual information on the surface the ID card contains an integrated chip carrying information usable for online authentication and digital signatures. This information is meant to simplify the use of eGovernment services and should therefore be capable to provide a better usability of Grid services as well. In this talk we will outline possible fields of application and give a short overview over the technologies involved. Finally we will discuss issues that may influence a quick uptake.

Primary author

Anton Frank (BADW-LRZ)


Stefan Metzger (BADW-LRZ) Tom Weber (University Munich) Wolfgang Hommel (BADW-LRZ)

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