8-12 April 2013
The University of Manchester
GB timezone

Exploiting Recent Developments in e-Infrastructure to Unlock New Science

9 Apr 2013, 09:15
Theatre (The University of Manchester)


The University of Manchester


Peter Coveney (UCL)


The emergence of novel e-infrastructure hardware and software facilities have led to unprecedented power and flexibility for scientific applications. In addition, we face new challenges in putting the rapidly growing body of scientific data to effective use for focused and high-impact scientific research. In this talk I will highlight several promising e-infrastructure and software development initiatives which allow us to explore these new frontiers in computational science. These initiatives make important contributions to the UK and European technical and policy landscape, but also impact numerous areas of active research, and society as a whole. I will exemplify the impact of these initiative by presenting several key scientific applications in biomedicine and materials science research.


Professor Peter V. Coveney is Director of the Centre for Computational Science at University College London (UCL). He has an interest in interdisciplinary research including condensed matter physics and chemistry, materials science, as well as life and medical sciences. Coveney has led numerous European projects and grants and currently chairs the UK Collaborative Computational Projects (CCP) Steering Panel. He has co-authored two best-selling books (The Arrow of Time and Frontiers of Complexity, both with Roger Highfield) and is a founding member of the UK Government’s E-Infrastructure Leadership Council.

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Peter Coveney (UCL)

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