8-12 April 2013
The University of Manchester
GB timezone

Future-proof storage with DPM

10 Apr 2013, 14:00
3.204 (The University of Manchester)


The University of Manchester

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Fabrizio Furano (CERN)


We present the status of the DPM project at a time when a
collaboration dedicated to its maintenance is taking over
responsibility from the EMI project. The status of the numerous
modern features of DPM are explained. Standards based access through
HTTP and NFSv4.1 are reviewed. New backends designed to allow
integration of flexible and powerful storage solutions such as S3 and
HDFS are presented. Improvements to areas such as administrative
utilities and nameserver performance are covered. DPM's role in an
HTTP based ecosystem for data management, in conjunction with other
tools such as FTS, is examined. Finally, the future of community
driven development for both DPM and the derived catalogue LFC is
covered, with particular reference to the "dmlite" framework which
has been successful in accelerating DPM developments during EMI.


DPM is a storage solution, supported by an international community,
that sites and communities can adopt with confidence. With its
standards compliance and easy integration with 3rd party storage
solutions it represents an attractive and proven storage choice for
scientific computing.


The Disk Pool Manager (DPM) is a lightweight and proven solution for
grid enabled disk storage management. It has emerged from EMI with
strong standards support, in particular concerning HTTP access, and
is now supported by an international collaboration of stakeholders.
We present the advantages of DPM as a storage system for distributed
scientific computing, explain its role in an ecosystem of HTTP
solutions for data management, and report on future plans.

Primary authors

Fabrizio Furano (CERN) Oliver Keeble (CERN)

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