8-12 April 2013
The University of Manchester
GB timezone

Research Advances through European Computing and Data Technologies

9 Apr 2013, 12:00
4.204 (The University of Manchester)


The University of Manchester

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Europe is a major technology provider for
a wide variety of IT infrastructures
with geographically dispersed
computational resources and data storages.
The mature IT technologies developed, maintained,
and deployed throughout the world from the European
Middleware Initiative (EMI) serve the demands
of those IT infrastructures since over a decade.
This talk will present different case studies
that demonstrate research advances in a wide
area of scientific fields such as
physics, bio-medicine, neuro-science, fusion
This inclused the view on the scientific data that
is used in these different case studies and how
this data is used, preserved, and exchanged
among scientific research groups world-wide.
In addition, the talk will outline potential
case studies in commercial environments and
provided one specific example how EMI products
can be exploited by companies.


The EMI project collected different case studies
during the course of the project that provide
numerous evidence that large-scale IT infrastructures
and research advances in science rely on.
EMI currently develops and maintains
products from four technical areas that are
computing, data, information, and most notably
The many different services required need to
be strongly interconnected while at the same time
being easy and independently re-usable for various
purposes and projects.
Detailed studies surveying the use of those EMI products
in scientific setups have been performed in an
illustrative and technical fashion and will
be presented.
Related scientific publications are collected to
augment the technical advancement with those
that contributed to scientific research in
discipline-specific setups.


The aim of the talk is to provide evidence
in which scientific and partly commercial
environments and projects products of the EMI
product suite have made a difference over years.

Evidence is provided by product case studies in
context of science, but also by scientific publications
performed over the years.

While many scientific product case studies will be
presented that show the impact in scientific environment,
the talk will also provide more insights into
case studies of commercial domains.

As big data is becoming more and more a hot topic in
the world of IT, the survey of use cases will also
have a close look on different methods and procedures
used to manage existing scientific data in a distributed

The audience of the talk is able to get the insights
of how EMI products can be clever re-used
as core building blocks for various other products
and how they could be combined with other powerful
existing products in the wider open source market
in order to create higher-level services.

As EMI being one of the major technology providers in the world,
the talk also will review the contributions to the greater field
of scientific computing and its advancements over years, including
a view on how these advancements have made a difference.

URL http://www.eu-emi.eu/

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