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Richard McLennan (EGI.EU)
Meeting URL and credentials: See attached file "EVO/SeeVogh Access". Agenda 1 Organisational issues (5') * Which conferencing system shall we use in future? - EVO/SeeVogh - Vydio ( - WebEx - Other tool Speaker: Richard McLennan 2 Review of actions from last meeting (5') Speaker: Richard McLennan 3 GGUS Report Generator (20') * usage of report generator of EGI-InSPIRE project metrics (SA1) * usage of report generator for reporting on OLA services * usage of report generator for tracking SLAs with technology providers Speaker: Tiziana Ferrari 4 EGI News (15') * MoU with DANTE and collaboration on network support activities through GGUS (T. Ferrari) * Operational Level Agreement and support service level targets (M. Krakowian) * notification of critical incidents affecting central tools through GGUS (T. Ferrari) Speakers: Tiziana Ferrari, Malgorzata Krakowian 5 Changes in yesterday's GGUS release (5') [optional] * Speaker: Helmut Dres 6 Plans for the next GGUS release (5') [optional] * * * See slides "GGUS Release 2012-12-12" Speaker: Guenter Grein 7 AOB (5')
EVO/SeeVogh Access
GGUS Release 2012-12-12
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