VT- CTA (Cherenkov Telescope Array) - Preliminary meeting

by Skype

by Skype

Claudio Vuerly will chair the session (skype name claudio_vuerli) with support from Amsterdam by Gergely Sipos and Richard McLennan. Standing Agenda: 1. Welcome and acknowledge all participants - Apologies received - note any absent members. 2. Introduction by Chair with outline of aims of this meeting. 3. Acceptance of previous Minutes(nil now but normally in previous Indico entry). 4. Review of assigned Actions (nil now) 5. Discussions * task 1 and 2 (Nadine could definitely provide useful input) * What happened before in CTA about SSO and portal systems? - Any document/deliverable that we should read? * What does CTA expect to get out of the requirements? * Who are the key user groups in CTA that we should definitely talk to? - How could we reach them? - Do we have enough and the right countries in the VT for this? * Project schedule with key milestones 6. Emerging Issues 7. AOB 8. Details of next meeting and presentation (17 & 18 Jan?). Note: for teleconferences to be successful it is essential that all participants have prepared themselves fully in advance. If using Skype, then the Chairman or Secretary will need to have established Skype contacts with all participants. If using EGI Webex, then participants must have tested their computers using Webex in advance (note there is limited or no compatibility with Mac OS and or Linux/Ubuntu).
The agenda of this meeting is empty