Integration of VAPOR with EGI Operations Portal

IN2P3 Computing Center, Lyon

IN2P3 Computing Center, Lyon

The goal of this 2-day meeting is to present the current status of VAPOR to the Operations Portal team, and start integrating the VAPOR application with the Operations Portal. In particular:
  • Presentation of the VAPOR webapp, and the services that produce data exploited by the VAPOR webapp.
  • Discussion on where the VAPOR data production services should be hosted: I3S vs. CC IN2P3
  • Start the installation of the VAPOR webapp on the web server of the CC IN2P3.
  • Link the VAPOR webapp from the Operations Portal, discuss design issues and graphical homogeneity.
This session will also be the occasion for the CC IN2P3 to present the Lavoisier 2 service and assist VAPOR team in the migration to this new version.
  • Cyril Lorphelin
  • flavien forestier
  • Franck MICHEL
  • olivier lequeux
  • Sylvain Reynaud
The agenda of this meeting is empty