EGI/ENVRI Webinar on High-Throughput Data Analysis - Peter Solagna (

Chaired and delivered from Amsterdam (via teleconference)

Chaired and delivered from Amsterdam

via teleconference

Richard McLennan (EGI.EU)
EGI Webinar Events provide a forum through which eminent guest lecturers working in specialist fields relevant to the community are invited to deliver topical presentations via EGI's Webex. The complete Abstract for this presentation on High-Throughput Data Analysis is shown in the timetable beneath. A further webinar on the EGI Federated Cloud (infrastructure to deploy on-demand IT services for managing and processing your research data) has been scheduled for 16 Dec (please find it in INDICO here).
1. The webinar will be recorded and a video will subsequently be made available via the EGI YouTube chanel.
2. A programme of EGI's future Webinar events can be found at:  
3.  In order to gauge the level of interest and help plan for this and future events you are requested to register your interest by using the link included beneath.
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