Tutorial: Web-processing services for climate data

Room 7 (Helsinki University, Main Building)

Room 7

Helsinki University, Main Building

Nils Hempelmann (Climate Service Center)

This tutorial is part of the EGI Community Forum 2014 (Helsinki, 19-23 May)


This hands-on tutorial will give an overview of possible functionalities realised within the CimDaPs project. We are going to do some exercises to process climate model output data. Further more it we will show you how to integrate new processes into an installed web processing system.

Who should attend?

The target audience is focused on climate impact modellers. For interested persons who want to get familiar with processes implemented into the current WPS portal. Further more, we are targeting developers who are interested in how to implement new processes.

Prerequisites (what should I know beforehand?)

As an impact modeller interested in using the portal as a daily tool to process climate model data, you don't have to have any special skills beforehand. As a developer you should have basic skills in Python and be a bit familiar with a Linux shell.

What do I need to bring?

The course includes hands-on exercises to be performed using attendee’s laptops. A recent web browser should be installed (e.g. Firefox). 
Since we are going to process climate model data stored in ESGF archive, you need to have a valid registration there. (You can get a registration from any ESGF-data node e.g.: http://esgf-data.dkrz.de/esgf-web-fe/).
If you are attending as a developer install VirtualBox on your laptop and make sure you have enough disk space left.

  • Eleni Katragkou
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