Tutorial: Getting started with the European Grid Infrastructure

Room 5 (Helsinki University, Main Building)

Room 5

Helsinki University, Main Building

Nuno Ferreira (EGI.EU)

This tutorial is part of the EGI Community Forum 2014 (Helsinki, 19-23 May)


This session provides introduction to the concepts of grid and cloud-based distributed computing, and to the architecture, components and user-facing services of the European Grid Infrastructure (EGI). The tutorials will consists of short talks and demonstrations introducing the following topics:

  • Main services of the European Grid Infrastructure
  • How to get access to the EGI production system
  • Federated Cloud service from EGI
  • High level tools for application development, sharing and access

Giuseppe La Rocca (INFN), Marios Chatziangelou (IASA), Nuno Ferreira (EGI.eu), Salvatore Pinto (EGI.eu).


  • Talk  : Introduction to EGI, main user-facing services in the infrastructure, typical ways of getting access
  • Demo: Different entry points for users
  • Talk  : Federated Cloud - a new infrastructure from EGI
  • Demo: Virtual Appliances Marketplace
  • Talk  : Higher level tools and application services in EGI
  • Demo: Managing VM images from Catania Science Gateway Framework
  • Talk  : Next steps - Where to get support
  • Q&A

Who should attend?
The session will be an introduction to EGI for new members of the community, and demonstrate the value of EGI for data- and compute-intensive e-Science projects. Attendees will have the opportunity to become familiar with the structure and components of the European Grid and how these can advance e-Science applications.

Prerequisites (what should I know beforehand?)
The session assumes basic understanding of knowledge of distributed computing, but does not require any knowledge of EGI.

What do I need to bring?
The course will consist of short (10-15') presentations and demos. Attendees can bring their laptops to follow some of the presented content, but this is optional.

The tutorial will be web-streamed live via AdobeConnect. Due to a packed tutorial session, we do not foresee to open the audio channel for online participants. If you wish to ask questions, you can do so using the text chat feature. Please indicate who your question is for, and will make sure that an answer will be provided during the live tutorial or afterwords.

If you experience difficulties accessing the web-stream, the session will be recorded and disseminated afterwords.

Connection details:
  • Point your browser to: http://connect.ct.infn.it/egi-inspire-vt
  • Join as a Guest, providing your Name & Affiliation and click "Enter the Room"
  • Adobe Flash will ask you for your audio settings; configure accordingly.
  • To hear/speak properly, make sure icons for loudspeakers/microphone (top of the window) are properly green.
  • Maxime MAERTEN
  • Neasan ONeill
  • Nuno Ferreira
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