Networking session: DIRAC 4 Life-Science

Room 7 (Main Building, Helsinki University)

Room 7

Main Building, Helsinki University

Andrei Tsaregorodtsev (CNRS), Ricardo Graciani Diaz (University of Barcelona)
This Networking Session is part of the EGI Community Forum 2014 in Helsinki

DIRAC has started a collaboration with to offer an open service to the european e-Infrastructure. This service will be pilot by several communities of different fields: Astrophysics, Life-Science, Engineering, etc. and will then be offered to others as single access point to all kind of distributed computing and storage resources in Europe and beyond.

The Life-Science communities, and other interested users and communities, are offered a dedicated Networking session with DIRAC 4 EGI initiative responsible team to analyze their use cases and requirements to join the initiative.

The aim is to performed a preliminary "Analysis of the use cases and requirements" from different communities to collaborate with them and provide open access to the e-Infrastructure through the DIRAC 4 EGI service.

For that purpose those willing to participate are asked to provide the following information (

  • Person: Name, e-mail, host institution

  • Use case: title, type (user, application, small(<10)/medium(<100)/large(>100) community), short description (500 char)

  • Current experience with distributed computing, DIRAC

  • Alain Franc
  • Yec'han Laizet
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