18-22 May 2015
Europe/Lisbon timezone
Engaging the Research Community towards an Open Science Commons


Federated accelerated computing

19 May 2015, 13:30


Avª das Forças Armadas, 1649-026 Lisboa, Portugal


Federated accelerated computing

  • Luciano Gaido (INFN)
  • Marco Verlato (INFN)


Accelerated computing systems deliver energy efficient and powerful HPC capabilities. Many EGI sites are providing accelerated computing technologies to enable high performance processing such as GPGPUs or MIC co-processors. Currently these accelerated capabilities are not directly supported by the EGI platforms. To use the co-processors capabilities available at resource centre level, users must directly interact with the local provider to get information about the type of resources and software libraries available and which submission queues must be used to submit tasks of accelerated computing.
The session will discuss the status of the art and barriers with providers of GPGPUs or MIC co-processors in EGI, and will define a development roadmap to achieve the federation of these capabilities across EGI.
Service providers as well as user communities interested in the use of accelerated computing facilities across Europe are invited to participate bringing their requirements.

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Peter Solagna (EGI.EU)
19/05/2015, 13:30
Dr Marco Verlato (INFN) , Dr Viet Tran (UI SAV)
19/05/2015, 13:45
Dr Ignacio Suárez (Universidad de Cantabria) , Jesus Marco de Lucas (CSIC) , Dr Joao Rodrigues (University of Utrecht) , Dr Marco Verlato (INFN) , Dr Oleksandr Savytskyi (Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine) , Dr Pablo de Castro (Universidad de Cantabria) , Dr Yael Gutiérrez (Universidad de Cantabria)
19/05/2015, 14:00
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