10-13 November 2015
Villa Romanazzi Carducci
Europe/Rome timezone

EDISON Project: Coordination and cooperation to establish new profession of Data Scientist for European Research and Industry

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Villa Romanazzi Carducci

Villa Romanazzi Carducci

Via G. Capruzzi, 326 70124 Bari Italy


Yuri Demchenko (University of Amsterdam)


The poster will introduce the EDISON project and will present the project concept and activities to establish the new profession of Data Scientist. This includes definition of the required Data Science competences and skills framework (CF-DS) and related profiles, corresponding Body of Knowledge (DS-BoK) and model curriculum. The poster will refer to the European eCompetence Framework (eCFv3.0) and European ICT Profiles (CWA 16458) as a basis for the definition of CF-DS in a standardized way and achieving compatibility with other elements of the education and training environment. Educating and training Data Science specialists requires a new model, which reflects by design the whole lifecycle of data, and is aligned with the target research and industry domains context and technologies. The project will facilitate the development of the online Education and Training Infrastructure and Marketplace that will provide one-stop shop for educational and training resources to support both residential (university) and online education (including curricula, courses, textbooks, online resources, educational and computational platforms, educational datasets). The project will develop a sustainability model to ensure a sustainable flow of Data Scientists, graduated from universities and trained by other professional education and training institutions in Europe. To fulfill its goal the EDISON project will rely on wide cooperation with multiple stakeholders and interesting parties, in particular EGI community, involving also wide international cooperation to ensure competitiveness of European education and research.

Primary author

Yuri Demchenko (University of Amsterdam)

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