10-13 November 2015
Villa Romanazzi Carducci
Europe/Rome timezone

Developing the computing environment for new research communities in Romania

11 Nov 2015, 17:20
Sala A+A1, Giulia centre (Villa Romanazzi Carducci)

Sala A+A1, Giulia centre

Villa Romanazzi Carducci


Dr Ionut Traian Vasile (IFIN-HH)


An overview is presented on the implementation of the computing environment for new research communities served by the Romanian Grid Infrastructure. These include the researchers involved in the Extreme Light Infrastructure – Nuclear Physics (ELI-NP) project, in computational biology and in the physics of condensed matter and nanomaterials. The new infrastructure provides access to HTC and HPC resources through a single web portal which features tools for the definition of workflows, job submission and monitoring, data analysis and visualization, and access to third-party software. A multi-disciplinary instance of the DIRAC framework is also integrated and used for production and training. The infrastructure will support various research activities, such as the numerical investigation of the new processes generated by the interaction of the nuclear matter with extreme electromagnetic fields at ELI-NP, the design of nanostructures relevant for the next generation of high-speed electronic devices, the modeling of various subcellular structures in bacteria, and the drug design.

Additional information

Work partly funded by ANCSI under the contracts no. 8/2012-PNII-Capacities-M3-CERN, PN09370104/2015, and by UEFISCDI under the contract no. 198/2014.

Primary author

Dr Ionut Traian Vasile (IFIN-HH)


Mr Dragos Ciobanu-Zabet (IFIN-HH) Mihnea Dulea (Romania)

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