10-13 November 2015
Villa Romanazzi Carducci
Europe/Rome timezone

Introduction to the EGI Federated Cloud – the user perspective

10 Nov 2015, 13:30
Federico II (Villa Romanazzi Carducci)

Federico II

Villa Romanazzi Carducci


Boris Parak (CESNET) Diego Scardaci (EGI.eu/INFN) Dr Enol Fernandez (EGI.eu)


This is a 2h long introductory course about the EGI Federated Cloud infrastructure from the user perspective. The course will consist of short talks and hands-on exercises. From this tutorial session attendees can learn the basic concepts of cloud computing, cloud federations, and gain experience in interacting with the IaaS layer of the EGI federated cloud infrastructure through the AppDB Virtual Machine Marketplace and the rOCCI command line client. The course primarily targets developers of high level cloud environments (PaaS and SaaS) and developers of scientific applications. They - after this course – will be able to integrate custom system with the EGI IaaS cloud federation. The tutorial will be followed with another, related session that shows how to prepare custom VM images for the EGI Federated Cloud. The EGI Federated Cloud is a standards-based, open cloud system as well as its enabling technologies that federates institutional clouds to offer a scalable computing platform for data and/or compute driven applications and services. The EGI Federated Cloud is already deployed on more than 20 academic institutes across Europe who together offer 6000 CPU cores and 300 TB storage for researchers in academia and industry. This capacity is available for free at the point of access through IaaS, PaaS and SaaS capabilities and interfaces that are tuned towards the needs of users in research and education. The technologies that enable the cloud federation are developed and maintained by the EGI community, and are based on open standards and open source Cloud Management Frameworks. Outline of the course is (for 2x60 minutes) - Introduction to clouds, cloud federations and the EGI Federated Cloud - Application porting best practices and examples - Introduction to training infrastructure and first exercises - Exercise – compute and storage management - Introduction to contextualisation - Exercise – Contextualised compute instances - Next steps - How to become a user

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Dr Gergely Sipos (EGI.eu)


Diego Scardaci (EGI.eu/INFN) Dr Enol Fernandez (EGI.eu)

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