Engagement meeting

Gergely Sipos (EGI.EU)
This is a regular teleconference for the NGI International Liaisons, Champions, UCB members, Competence Centres and for anyone else who are active or is interested in EGI's Engagement activity. The EGI Engagement activity is defined and driven by the Engagement Strategy, which is described at http://go.egi.eu/engagementstrategy. High level agenda points for the meeting: 1. Communication, Dissemination and Engagement Strategy in EGI-Engage (D2.1) 2. Report from F2F engagement meeting (was held at the EGI Conference) 3. Report from participants (3-5 minutes each): * CCs (CC coordinators) * NGIs (NILs) * Communities (UCB) * SMEs (TNA2.3) * VTs (VT leaders) 4. EGI Training Plan 5. Discussion topics: * What should the EGI Marketplace provide? * Reach out to scientists through university service providers 6. AOB (Let me know if you would like to add other topics to the agenda) 7. Date of next meeting Teleconference connection details (Webex): Open in your browser: https://egi.webex.com/egi/j.php?MTID=mc07ce5489aa46da534dd7765a080f758 Meeting password: 1234
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      Convener: Dr Gergely Sipos (EGI.EU)
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      Convener: Dr Gergely Sipos (EGI.EU)