EGI-Engage training coordination teleconference

This is a coordination meeting for members of EGI-Engage SA2.1, Training. Connection information (Adobe Connect): Agenda: I. SA2.1 and training plan overview II. Progress towards objectives - Status and next steps 1. Cloud-based training infrastructure 2. Training modules: 2a: Core modules: FedCloud, EUDAT, Long-tail, Security with PRACE, VM preparation and certification, Incident reporting and handling in FedCloud 2b. Joint modules with: Open Data processing (JRA2.1), GPGPU computing (JRA2.1), Depoying cloud sites and federated clouds (FCTF), iRODS (NG-FR), Modules with CCs 3. Events ( 4. Training Marketplace 5. Partnerships 6. Measuring success: TMP metrics, Trainer surveys, Trainee surveys III. Effort reporting
The agenda of this meeting is empty