EGI Collaboration Board

VIII (Uppsala, Sweden)


Uppsala, Sweden

1st EGI-InSPIRE Collaboration Board meeting
    • 09:00 12:00
      EGI Collaboration Board 3h
      9:00: Welcome 9:10: Appointment of a Chair for the meeting The remainder of the meeting will be chaired by the selected Chair. 9:30: Confirmation of one partner one vote for decision making 9.45: Decision to include additional partners in the Consortium * Romania * Azerbaijan * Unfunded Asia Pacific parters as individual organisations as opposed to through APGI as stated in the proposal 10:00 Discussion as to have the EGI Council act as the Collaboration Board for the project. * Obligation for funded partners to be members of in draft collaboration agreement * EGI Council may expand over the years to include partners not in the project (currently only Belgium) --> Vote to make a decision 10:30 Discussion as to have the Executive Board act as the Project Management Board for the project. * Possible conflicts of interest between the project partners and running * Representation of partners in the project by the EB 11:00 Issues from the Collaboration Agreement * Discussion and resolution of any outstanding issues 11:20 Partner readiness * Which partners will be able to start 1st May 2010 even if the contract is not signed? 11:40 AOB 12:00 Close
      Speaker: Dr Steven Newhouse (