FitSM Foundation Training - Amsterdam - 10 Dec 2015

N3.28 (Nikhef Building)


Nikhef Building

Science Park 1098XG - Amsterdam The Netherlands
Malgorzata Krakowian ( , Sy Holsinger (
IT Service Management is a discipline that helps provide services with a focus on customer needs and in a professional manner. It is widely used in the commercial and public sectors to manage IT services of all types, but current solutions are very heavyweight with high barriers to entry.

FitSM is a lightweight approach to professionally managing services. It brings order and traceability to a complex area and provides simple, practical support in getting started with ITSM. FitSM training and certification provides crucial help in providing services and improving their management. It provides a common conceptual and process model, sets out straightforward and realistic requirements and links them to supporting materials.

This one day Foundation level course aims to provide the basic IT service management concepts and terms (based on FitSM-0), outline the purpose and structure of FitSM standards and their relationship to other standards and understand the process framework underlying FitSM and requirements defined within it.

Training Prices:
  • €350 - Full / €290 - Participant (e.g. NGI/EIRO)*
  • €98,50 - Exam (TUV SUD)**
  • 8 hours (plus optional 30 minute exam)
Target audience
  • All individuals involved in the provisioning of (federated) IT services.
  • Candidates who wish to progress to advanced level of the qualification and certification scheme
Entry requirements
  • None
  • Basic IT service management concepts and terms (based on FitSM-0)
  • Purpose and structure of FitSM standards and their relationship to other standards - Process framework underlying FitSM
  • Requirements defined in FitSM-1
  • 30 minutes, at the end of the training
  • Closed book, i.e. no aids are allowed
  • 20 multiple choice questions (four possible answers for each question, one correct answer per question)
  • At least 65% correct answers (13 of 20) are required to pass the examination
(please do not plan to fly out the same day unless your flight is after 21:00 to ensure appropriate time for the exam, and if sessions overrun as you will need some time to reach the airport)

Training Outputs
The outputs of the training are as follows:
  • Exam results/scores (sent individually by e-mail)
  • Printed TÜV SÜD certificates for those passing the exam with unique certificate license number
  • Short follow-up package comprising:
    • General comments from the training course
    • Annotated slides from the training course
Payment Information
All training fess are to be paid by bank transfer to the following:
  • Bank: RABOBANK
  • Account Name:
  • IBAN: NL77RABO0147447496
Related downloads
The current version of the FitSM Foundation training slides / handout and the TÜV SÜD FitSM Foundation sample exam can be found here:

*Price includes lunch, coffee breaks, room facilities, administration overhead, copies/print-out - No applicable VAT
**Discounted TÜV SÜD examination fees per participant may apply (i.e. country location, students, academic institutions) - VAT included
  • Alessandro Paolini
  • Francisco Jose Bernabe Pellicer
  • Giuseppe La Rocca
  • Hannes Thiemann
  • Iulia Popescu
  • Jan Bot
  • Maarten Kooyman
  • Matthew Dovey
  • Matthew Viljoen
  • Merret Buurman
  • Roberta Piscitelli
  • Ron Trompert
  • Teemu Pirskanen
  • Tom Langborg