Operations Management Board

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Linda Cornwall (STFC)
Jan Astalos (NGI_SK)
Alessandro Paolini (EGI Foundation)
Sven Gabriel
Themis Zamani (Grnet)
Peter  Solagna
Vincenzo Spinoso
George Ryall (STFC -GOCDB)
Dave Kelsey (Security)
Cyril L'Orphelen
Ulf Tigerstedt
Catalin Condurache (STFC RAL)
Matthew Viljoen
Dave Kelsey (Security)
david meredith (stfc, gocdb)
Ionut Vasile (NGI_RO)

Ian Neilson STFC


Peter Solagna reported on generic Operational topics:

  • One issue with the gpg signature of the UMD-3 configuration
  • OTAG for Operations Portal on November 4th
  • Storage accounting testing with DPM
  • Swift probe to be deployed in central monitoring (no operational effects for the moment)

Update report on the 2018-2020 bid.

  • Bid has been circulated to the council
  • Core activities will be supported mostly by the effort in the bid. Additional activities can be added in other parts of the project.

Security updates and policies

Sven Gabriel reported about the latest vulnerability and incidents handled by CSIRT.

Dave Kelsey reported about the recent policy work. Four policies have been updated only in the terminology, without changes in the content (links in the slides).

[Action on NGIs]: comment on the updated policies within the next 14 days if there are issues with the new terminology.

Linda Cornwall requested approval for the SVG ToR, OMB approved.

ARGO proposal for using GOCDB as the source of topology for monitoring

Proposal was presented at the previous OMB, find document attached to previous agenda.

The proposal has been approved by OMB, ARGO team will develop during November the changes necessary to implement the proposal. Tentatively from Dicember sites under certification will be able to add in GOCDB the endpoints to be used by monitoring.

At the end of February the status of the pilot will be assessed to take a decision about extending the configuration to all EGI sites.

Update on the CVMFS infrastructure

Catalin Condurache presented a summary of the updates in the CVMFS service offered to EGI communities and CVMFS as a technology.

RAL and EGI are finalizing an OLA for the provisioning of CVMFS Stratum0.

Update on the long tail of science

Peter Solagna reported about the status of the LTOS platform. The services will be opened next week for the NGI NILs review, and in beta during the next weeks.


New release of GOCDB will be released for testing at the end of the month.

Outreach: Slides are attached to the agenda with an update about the 5 new VO SLAs being discussed by the EGI user communities support team.

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    • 10:00 10:10
      Intro 10m
      Speaker: Peter Solagna (EGI.eu)
    • 10:10 10:20
      Core activities bid for 2018-2020 period 10m
      Speaker: Peter Solagna (EGI.eu)
    • 10:20 10:35
      Security update 15m
      Speakers: Linda Cornwall (STFC) , Dr Sven Gabriel (NIKHEF)
    • 10:35 10:50
      Updated security policies 15m
      Speaker: David Kelsey (STFC)
    • 10:50 11:10
      ARGO proposal for using GOCDB as only topoloy source, discussion for approval 20m
      Speakers: Alessandro Paolini (EGI.eu) , Christos Kanellopoulos (GRNET)
    • 11:10 11:25
      Update on the CVMFS infrastructure 15m
      Speaker: Catalin Condurache (STFC)
    • 11:25 11:45
      Update on the long tail of science 20m
      Speaker: Peter Solagna (EGI.eu)
    • 11:45 11:55
      AOB 10m
      Speaker: Peter Solagna (EGI.eu)
      Outreach update