HBP demo on EGI infrastruture



Matthew Viljoen (EGI.eu)
This is a writeup of the discussions of the first telco between Catherine
Zwahlen, Lukasz Dutka and myself today, regarding trialling EGI
infrastruture by HBP via demo of hosting a sample dataset and
visualization application running on EGI infrastucture

- Catherine confirmed that there are a number of different datasets
  (approx. 1GB, 100GB and 500GB) that could be used for a demo.  We agreed
to first try the smallest and then scale up.

- The easiest way of transferring the data from HBP to EGI will be by push
  from Switzerland over FTP due to access restrictions on HBP
infrastructure ->LD/MV will identify a suitable EGI hosting site for the
data and provide login details to CZ (host,username,password) to transfer
the sample data.

- Visualization software is already running on HBP infrastructure.  HBP
  are working on configuring a Docker file with dependencies configured to
enable easy distribution of the software. This is not yet complete but is
high on the priority of the HBP team.  CZ estimates this will take
approximately another week to complete ->CZ to tell LD/MV once this is
done and provide the Docker file and installation instructions

Initially the Docker file will be compiled and installed manually for this
demo.  The software is open source.  Eventually it can be published via
public distribution channels.

We agreed that it is achievable to aim for the demo to be up and running
in time for the EGI Community Forum meeting (10-13 Nov, Bari).  Until then
we will have weekly meetings over Skype to track the progress of this
work.  DOTM: 20 Oct 10:30

We also agreed that all relevant communication of this work should be via
the mailing list hbp@mailman.egi.eu to keep everyone informed of progress.
If anyone has problems subscribing to this list, please contact me.
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