5-8 April 2016
Science Park
Europe/Amsterdam timezone

Virtual Research Environments as-a-Service

7 Apr 2016, 12:05
Turingzaal, WCW Congress Centre (Science Park)

Turingzaal, WCW Congress Centre

Science Park

1098XG Amsterdam


Donatella Castelli (Consiglio Nazionele delle Ricerche (CNR) - ISTI)


“Virtual Research Environments as a Service” is a service provisioning mechanism for creating on-demand Web-based working environments (VREs). A VRE is centered around a research problem and gives access in an integrated way to data and tools for data curation, modeling, analytics, etc., that may also be hosted in other infrastructures. Its creation is done thought a simple wizard and the operation and maintenance is transparent. VREs include a workspace through which researchers can share data, results and, with a very recent new development, also processes with associated metadata and input data. The latter are key for enabling the re-execution of the experiments.

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