5-8 April 2016
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Managing Service Portfolios for Research in Europe

6 Apr 2016, 11:30
Science Park

Science Park

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Managing Service Portfolios for Research in Europe

  • Sergio Andreozzi (EGI.eu)

Managing Service Portfolios for Research in Europe

  • Sy Holsinger (EGI.eu)


Recent years have seen profound changes in how research IT services are delivered. Rather than using local services and working in discrete ‘silos’, they use a range of services provided by heterogeneous and dispersed providers across Europe. In the process of digitisation and globalisation of science, communities are moving their workflows to research e-Infrastructures that are supported by National or European funding. However, using services from multiple infrastructures can be made more complex by the varied ways in which services are described and delivered.

The European Commission recently requested major e-Infrastructure providers to simplify and facilitate discovery of these services by working together to develop a joint service catalogue. An initial definition of the concepts needed to describe such a catalogue has been developed through a collaboration between a number of EC-funded projects. This naturally raises the question on how the various service providers will organise their service portfolio management activities so to be able to feed their services into the joint service catalogue.

This workshop begins by looking at the efforts to move to a joint service catalogue across major e-Infrastructures and then at what can be done to support such a joint catalogue. It also offers the opportunity to share the experience of managing service portfolios. Then, it presents FitSM as a reference standard for service management with focus on the portfolio aspects. Another aspect that will be addressed is the EC perspective with the view on governance, sustainability and needs from the policy makers. Finally, there will be a roundtable discussion to identify areas of harmonisations and alignment of service portfolio management across e-Infrastructures for the benefit of research communities and funders.

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Dr Sergio Andreozzi (EGI.eu)
06/04/2016, 11:30
Dr Sergio Andreozzi (EGI.eu)
06/04/2016, 11:40
Alexis Jean-Laurent (C.I.N.E.S. (Centre Informatique National de l’Enseignement Supérieur))
06/04/2016, 11:50
Andres Steijaert (SurfNet & GEANT)
06/04/2016, 12:20
Dr Angela Dappert (The British Library & Thor Project)
06/04/2016, 12:35
Dr Angela Dappert (The British Library & Thor Project)
06/04/2016, 12:40
Sara Coelho (EGI.eu)
06/04/2016, 12:50
06/04/2016, 14:30
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