27 September 2016
Radisson Blu hotel Krakow
Europe/Amsterdam timezone


Break-out groups - Designing community-specific e-infrastructures (incl. a coffee break between 14:40-15:00)

27 Sep 2016, 13:30
Carmen room (Radisson Blu hotel Krakow)

Carmen room

Radisson Blu hotel Krakow

Straszewskiego 17, 31-101 Kraków, Poland


Forming break-out groups to analyse and further discuss the e-infrastructure use cases. Each group will consist of representatives of one/more use cases and e-infrastructure experts/providers. Each group will have a convener. The use case analysis will be performed with a pre-defined template which will be provided for the conveners. The outcome of the break-out analysis will be e-infrastructure design and e-infrastructure implementation plans. These will be presented to the audience at the end of the day, and will drive post-workshop implementation work.

First break-out: Complete the 'Background' and 'Users' topics (1h)
1. Who will be the user? Can the users be characterised? How many are they?
2. What value will the envisaged system deliver for them (the whole setup)? What will the system exactly deliver to them? (Customer's pains and gains)
3. How should they use the system? (Customer's job)
4. What's the timeline for development, testing and large-scale operation? (Consider consecutive releases if possible)

14:40-15:00 Coffee break

Second break-out: Define design and implementation plan (1.5h)
1. What should the first version include? - The most basic product prototype imaginable already bringing value to the users (the so-called Minimal Viable Product - MVP)
2. Which components/services already exist in this architecture?
3. Which components/services are under development (and by who)?
4. Which components/services should be brought into the system from e-infrastructures? Which EGI/EUDAT/GEANT/OpenAIRE partner can do it?
5. Are there gaps in the EGI/EUDAT/GEANT/OpenAIRE service catalogues that should be filled to implement the use case? Which service provider could fill the gap?

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