9-12 May 2017
Europe/Rome timezone

CAOS: a tool for accounting management in OpenStack

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Fabrizio Chiarello (INFN)


The analysis and understanding of resources utilization in shared infrastructures, such as cloud environments, is crucial in order to provide better performance, administration and capacity planning. The study of the usage started with the deployment of Ceilometer, the OpenStack component responsible to collect and manage accounting information, in the OpenStack-based cloud infrastructures hosted at INFN-Padova: the Cloud Area Padovana and the INFN-PADOVA-STACK instance of the EGI Federated Cloud. However, by using Ceilometer alone we found some limiting problems related to the way it handles information: among others, the imbalance between storage and data retention requirements, and the complexity in computing custom metrics. In this contribution we present a tool, called CAOS, which we have been implementing to overcome the aforementioned issues. CAOS collects, manages and presents the data concerning resource usage of our OpenStack-based cloud infrastructures. By gathering data from both the Ceilometer service and OpenStack API, CAOS enables us to track resource usage at different levels (e.g. per project), in such a way that both current and past consumption of resources can be easily determined, stored and presented.

Primary author

Fabrizio Chiarello (INFN)


Alberto Crescente (INFN) Alvise Dorigo (INFN) Mr Ervin Konomi (INFN-PADOVA) Fulvia Costa (INFN) Lisa Zangrando (INFN) Dr Marco Verlato (INFN) Massimo Sgaravatto (INFN) Matteo Segatta (INFN) Nicola Tritto (INFN) Dr Paolo Andreetto (INFN) Sergio Fantinel (INFN) Sergio Traldi (INFN) federica fanzago (INFN)

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