9-12 May 2017
Europe/Rome timezone

Approaching Cloud technologies to Digital humanities - DARIAH Competence Centre

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Philipp Wieder (GWDG)


Today the exponential growth of digital arts and humanities related research content, such as social networks or digital photos, requires an extensive use of various e-Infrastructure services to efficiently store, find, search, access and analyze them. However, in the digital arts and humanities (DH), the e-Infrastructure is still not exploited at its full potential. The main reason for that condition is the lack of awareness of the existence of such resources, no access, and the lack of technical knowledge. In order to overcome these drawbacks, the DARIAH Competence Centre ([DARIAH CC](https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/Competence_centre_DARIAH)), a member of the EGI-Engage H2020 project, is established. DARIAH CC is a virtual research group, gathering researchers from computer science and humanities over a common goal to broaden the usage of the advanced research infrastructures and facilitate the vision of [Open Science Commons](https://www.opensciencecommons.org) in the domain of Arts and Humanities. The CC aims to approach the cloud-based technologies to the researchers and scholars, with the special focus on the DARIAH community. However, the complexity of the cloud technologies and the technical knowledge required to access, exploit and maintain these resources could often discourage the potential users. To increase the friendliness and hide the technical obstacles, the [DARIAH Science Gateway](https://dariah-gateway.lpds.sztaki.hu) was developed, a web-based online portal that provides an easy access to services running on EGI FedCloud: Parallel Semantic Search Engine, Virtual dialect repository, Simple Cloud access and Distributed Real-Time Search and Information Retrieval. Via CC two clouds are provided to DARIAH community. Parallel to service provisioning, DARIAH CC aims at raising the awareness of the benefits of cloud technologies by organizing training events and demonstrating services on DH-related events.

Primary author

Davor Davidovic (RBI)


Eveline Wandl-Vogt (Austrian Academy of Science, Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities) Peter Kacsuk (MTA SZTAKI) Philipp Wieder (GWDG) Rene Horik, van (DANS - Data Archiving and Networked Services) Roberto Barbera (University of Catania and INFN)

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