9-12 May 2017
Europe/Rome timezone

Research software services

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Jerome Pansanel (CNRS) Romier Romier (CNRS) Sorina POP (CNRS) Teresa Gomez-Diaz (CNRS) Vincent Legoll (CNRS)


In this poster we present our vision of access and preservation services to be proposed to research software, that is to software and codes developed in the laboratories and research institutions and that have an active role in the production process of published results. The goal is to build the necessary environment where research software can be discovered, studied and re-used by other researchers in order to validate and reproduce published results, or to be used for new research purposes, which will produce new knowledge. This is a collaborative work developed by members of CNRS, EGI.eu, IASA and the University of Edinburgh presented as a H2020 proposal in march 2016. Under the name of FG-SOL, France Grilles is currently setting up these services for the French research communities in all disciplines. On the one hand, FG-SOL services allow researchers of the French communities to propose the software they have conceived in a portal where it can be discovered, tested, used and studied. On the other hand, FG-SOL provides an environment that enables the discovery and the exploration of research software in all domains while making possible its testing and execution on the France Grilles infrastructure. The technical architecture is based on the France Grilles existing services and resources. FG-SOL relies on a portal based on its own VIP instance that uses the France Grilles DIRAC instance to execute jobs on the IPHC cloud resources. VIP software (Virtual Imaging Platform) is developed by CREATIS and is already used in the production environment dedicated to the medical imaging community (https://vip.creatis.insa-lyon.fr) currently running on the EGI infrastructure. FG-SOL services are to be extended to European level with the collaboration with our partners and aims to be linked with existing e-infrastructures.

Primary authors

Jerome Pansanel (CNRS) Romier Romier (CNRS) Sorina POP (CNRS) Teresa Gomez-Diaz (CNRS) Vincent Legoll (CNRS)

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