9-12 May 2017
Europe/Rome timezone


EGI Conference: Developing a common catalogue of services for research

10 May 2017, 11:30


EGI Conference: Developing a common catalogue of services for research

  • Sergio Andreozzi (EGI.eu)
  • Henry Varga (European Future Innovation System (EFIS) Centre)


The European E-Infrastructure Services Gateway (eInfraCentral project) started in January 2017 to simplify the accessibility and increase the uptake of European services for research from both the public and private sectors. This goal will be achieved by developing a common service catalogue and one-stop shop portal. The project has the backing and involvement of the five main European e-infrastructures (EGI, GEANT, PRACE, EUDAT and OpenAIRE) and has the mission to engage with the broad community of e-infrastructure projects and service providers. The project is running a consultation with the stakeholders to collect requirements and understand how to better provide value to service providers and service consumers. The goal of this workshop is to communicate the opportunities arising from the project and stimulate requirements to ensure that the future portal and service catalogue will create the best value for the European research sector.

Expected output:
- Identify and collect requirements from the different stakeholders (e.g. consumers of services, providers who want to publish/promote their services)
- Disseminate the online questionnaire about requirements and solicit feedback
- Creating awareness of future possibilities to publish and promote your services into the eInfraCentral portal

Project website: http://einfracentral.eu

Presentation Materials

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Henry Varga (European Future Innovation System (EFIS) Centre)
10/05/2017, 11:30
Nikos Karampekios (JNP)
10/05/2017, 11:45
George Papastefanatos
10/05/2017, 12:05
Lorena Rivera Leon (European Future Innovation Systems Centre)
10/05/2017, 12:25
10/05/2017, 12:40
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