30 November 2017 to 1 December 2017
The Square Meeting Centre
Europe/Brussels timezone
Connecting the building blocks for Open Science

Blueprint for hybrid cloud federation for research

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The Square Meeting Centre

The Square Meeting Centre

Mont des Arts street, no. 1000 Brussel, Belgium


Dr Enol Fernandez (EGI.eu)


Modern scientific challenges call for collaborations with researchers from different institutions across different countries and access to computing power with flexible usage to analyse vast amounts of data. Federation of cloud services is a recognised need for these research communities as it enables the effective collaboration and access to resources hosted by different providers. Different initiatives at different levels (national, European and global) are tackling the federation of cloud resources. For the smaller scale ones (e.g. at regional/country level), technology and operational restrictions may help to reduce the complexity of the federation by having a homogeneous and controlled setup. However, for broader initiatives that cover global collaboration, a technology agnostic approach where providers retain control of their resources is a must. The EGI federated cloud blueprint proposes an open technology and open standards based architecture that can bring together both public/commercial and private/institutional providers in a hybrid IaaS cloud federation. With the EGI cloud model, providers decide what to share and with whom based on well-defined federated authentication and authorization rules that leverage the concept of Virtual Organisations. A set of integration components in the architecture, which can be customized for every provider and community, facilitate application portability across providers and enables users to seamless execute their computation near the data. The EGI federated cloud architecture was revised recently to allow providers to freely choose their technology stack and APIs, and to introduce a new IaaS Federated Access Tools layer that helps user to deal with the underlying heterogeneity. Within this layer, EGI does not impose a single tool but evaluates, documents and extends as needed IaaS provisioning systems that allow to define infrastructure as code and manage and combine resources from different providers, thus enabling the portability of application deployments between them (e.g. IM, Terraform) EGI is also engaged with the Open Research Cloud (ORC) collaboration. The ORC aims to connect researchers to resources, regardless of where of the researcher and the resource may be, either geographically or organizationally. While still in its early stages, the ORC has brought together researchers and providers from all over the world to discuss the strategic approaches and enable creating technical solutions that will ultimately allow a global collaboration. EGI Federated Cloud is a unique position to bring its experience to ORC as an already existing federation supporting European users. This presentation will highlight existing research use cases with clear need for cloud federation and how the EGI Cloud blueprint enables these federations at the IaaS level. It will also describe the ORC and how EGI participates in this initiative. This presentation seeks to open discussion with new stakeholders interested in participating into cloud federation initiatives and to engage with them to improve the current status of global collaboration in this area.
Topic Area Interoperability
Type of abstract Presentation (15 minutes)

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Dr Enol Fernandez (EGI.eu)

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