Claudio Cacciari (Cineca)
  • Sandro Fiore
  • Tobias Weigel
* WP10 clarified questions regarding training to receive and integration
with other EOSC services: WP10 will coordinate activities there and
bring us into contact as necessary. Will also assemble a matrix of
requirements across all TS.
* Training needs from ECAS may be on DataHub/OneData and common AAI
solution, pending further discussion within ECAS.
* More details on ECAS activities (subtasks) to be included in
spreadsheet or separate document.
* ECAS can get a mailing list with everyone involved in the task.
Contacts to be delivered by DKRZ and CMCC, possibly just by gathering
them in the ECAS wiki main page.
* Capacity requests, particularly from other EOSC services, are to be
further specified in the spreadsheet. Some information added during the
call, to be further refined until Feb 5 call.
* ECAS has some concerns on the number of integration activities
required that go beyond the original plan as submitted. This mostly
concerns AAI, DataHub and compute cloud. We may need to shift priorities.
* Key Exploitable Results: These need to be specified by ECAS, probably
based on more detailed plan with subtasks.
* Virtual access metrics: As indicated earlier, this cannot just be user
numbers, but e.g. geographical distribution, user satisfaction. Metrics
as currently in the table are sufficient.
* Time slot for regular WP7-ECAS meeting to be fixed. Tobias and Sandro
to coordinate.
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