Engagement & NIL meeting

Gergely Sipos (EGI.eu)

This is a regular teleconference for the NGI International Liaisons (NIL), national/regional user community support teams and other stakeholders who are involved in EGI's 'Engagement activity'. The meeting is an important forum to update each other about progress and plans in EGI engagement, and to build the NIL community. 

The EGI Engagement activity reaches out to scientific communities, researchers, educators and innovators in academia and industry and supports them in tackling scientific challenges with the use of ICT services, solutions and consultancy from the EGI community. This complex task requires coordinated outreach, technical support, training, testing activities - by the distributed teams and skills that are available in EGI. The NGI International Liaisons are key enablers and contributors to this, by linking national initiatives and teams into the European EGI Engagement landscape. The NGI International Liaison role is described at https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/NGI_International_Liaison, alongside with resources and materials that can help the NILs be successful in community outreach, engagement, support. 

The EGI Engagement activity is defined and driven by the Engagement Plan, which is described at http://go.egi.eu/engagementstrategy.

How to connect

Teleconference room (GTM1 GoToMeeting): https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/591273437 

EOSC-hub events

Notes of the EGI Engagement and NILs meeting, 16-02-2018

Meeting agenda page: https://indico.egi.eu/indico/event/3618/ 


  • EGI.eu: Giuseppe La Rocca (chair and note taker)
  • NIG_IT: Luciano Gaido (INFN) and Davide Salomoni (INFN)
  • NGI_BE: Stephane Gerard (BEgrid) and Olivier Devroede (BEgrid)
  • NGI_CZ: Zdenek Sustr (CESNET)
  • NGI_NL: Jan Bot (SURFsara)
  • NGI_France: Genevieve Romier
  • NGI_HR: Emir Imamagic (CNRS)
  • OpenAIRE: Mike Mertens and Najla Rettberg


  • Gergely Sipos (EGI.eu, NIL network coordinator)


Welcome NILs from NGI_IT and NGI_BE

  • Luciano Gaido introduced Davide Salomoni as new representative of the Italian Infrastructure. Luciano and Laura Perini are already members of the NILs group. At the national level a new infrastructure for computing and data is going to be set up. Discussions are ongoing but still it is not clear the mandate.
  • Stephane Gerard introduced the BEgrid, the computing and data infrastructure of the Belgian Grid for Research. The infrastructure provides HTC/Cloud based resources from the three main University in Belgium and is supported by the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office (BELSPO).

Information about the new NILs in the wiki was already updated. NILs from NGI_IT and NGI_BE are already on the ngi-international-liaisons mailing list.

Report from EGI Foundation:

Giuseppe introduced the following topics, using the slides that are attached to the agenda page:

  • EOSC-hub - updates from the flagship EOSC project; Role of NILs in the new landscape
  • Collaboration with OpenAIRE and the National Open Access Desks (NOADs)
  • Engagement plan: the new issue is now available
  • Upcoming events

Report from NILs:


  • Involved in the EOSC-hub project.
  • Starting to work on the new project activities.
  • Organizing a conference in April where DARIAH people will be present.
  • Certification of the new data centre (only HTC) is in progress.
  • Discuss with Davor Davidovic the resources requested for supporting the DARIAH research activities in the EOSC-hub Thematic Service.
    • Mike Mertens from OpenAIRE is following the negotiation of resources at GWDG for DARIAH.


  • Dirac tutorial was organized in Jan.
  • Start working on a new HTC/HPC/Cloud infrastructure in France for supporting the research activities. The new infrastructure should be available in 2 years
  • In preparation the next grid tutorial

Genevieve suggested to think about a more effective way to get in contact with NILs and keep them updated on a regular basis. Organize a meeting every two months is not sufficient.

Offline response from Gergely Sipos: We decided collectively in 2017 to have bi-monthly calls, hoping for more attendees compared to the time when we had monthly meetings. We also decided that EGI Foundation will send news digest in email to the NILs on a regular basis (bi-weekly/monthly). (This is one of the action points in the latest Engagement plan.) The digest will be started in early March.

Genevieve: How the DMP will be supported in the EOSC-hub project ?

Response from Giuseppe: In EOSC-hub, DANS-KNAW in collaboration with the OpenAIRE-Advance project will provide support to define and implement a DMP. The tool used in OpenAIRE for supporting the implementation of a DMP is DMPonline from UK. The work in EOSC-hub will focus on delivering guides and training on DMP for researchers and for national support teams. We will also bring together the NIL and NOAD (OpenAIRE national contact points) so they can support researchers together. NOADs are DMP experts. You can consult with the respective EOSC-hub WP here (WP11): https://wiki.eosc-hub.eu/display/EOSC/WP11+Training+and+Services+for+Service+operators%2C+Reaserch+and+Higher+Education 


  • Involved in the EOSCpilot and EOSC-hub projects
  • SURFsara team has been recently certificated on ITSM based on FitSM standard
  • Working with the knowledge-exchange.info project
  • Working on the preparation of a Dutch training course on HTC and Data Management


  • Involved in the EOSC-hub project. Started to work on the project activities.


  • Improve the visibility and the role of BEgrid in the EOSC-hub project.


  • Not structural activities in place.
  • Supporting the LifeWatch community in Italy.
  • Different activities are in place in different organisation

Luciano asked which is the role of NILs in EOSC and the role of the EGI Federated Cloud infrastructure in EOSC-hub?

Offline response from Gergely Sipos: The last Engagement plan clarifies the NIL-EOSC-hub relationship. (http://go.egi.eu/engagementplan) Several NILs are involved in EOSC-hub, however the whole network isn’t represented in the project. At the same time NILs have similar objectives in the national level than engagement WPs of EOSC-hub in the European level: Support the uptake of digital services for open science. Therefore the project must work with all the NILs. EGI.eu coordinates the NIL network and has the responsibility that all the NILs receive the most important updates from EOSC-hub so they can still feel part of the EOSC community and can mobilise support and resources for EOSC from their national networks, and vice versa. Several actions in the last Engagement plan are defined to reach this objective.



There are minutes attached to this event. Show them.
    • 12:00 12:30
      Updates from EGI 30m
      * Welcoming new NILs (BE, IT) * EOSC-hub - updates from the flagship EOSC project; Role of NILs in the new landscape * Collaboration with OpenAIRE and the National Open Access Desks (NOADs) * Engagement plan: Introducing the new issue * Upcoming events * Other topics TBD
    • 12:30 13:00
      Updates from the NGIs - Short round table update meeting attendees 30m
    • 13:00 13:25
      Discussion 25m
      * The role of NILs in EOSC
    • 13:25 13:30
      AOB 5m