T7.1 Clarin



Debora Testi (CINECA)

Attendees: Debora, Dieter


JIRA tickets update: the update is on progress mostly for those about b2share integration.

The others are still to be updated.  -> to be checked with Willem

Projects results: it has been filled in on Confluence in draft state; to be revised by Dieter -> it will be completed at end of June or early July

Working on the KPIs for WP13 (more urgent activity in this period)

Thematics services integration:

New beta for the virtual language service to be launched end of the month (https://beta-vlo.clarin.eu/)

Done -> check for possible dissemination (new features list to be used for dissemination probably in September)

Some discussions has taken place with the B2NOTE team for possible integration-> evaluation of B2NOTE  status in October 2019, and then decision on ”go on or not”. B2NOTE is not mature yet and also the use case should be better defined. -> no updates

B2SHARE timeline is not sure yet and that might affect integration.

Something was planned to be ready before the summer, but now the schedule is September. ACTION for Debora to contact B2share team to check the timeline. -> no updates

Spec for switchboard to be prepared (B2SHARE option to call the switchboard). -> to be done (API fully described integration on the way), some work on the backend ongoing to make easier to provide information to the APIs -> no updates

Main upcoming tasks: integration EOSC-AAI integration with VCR. This work will start in June.

Added value of the integration still not sure -> more detailed evaluation to be done. -> to be done

Activities ongoing as planned.

DARIAH - CLARIN TS another contact into another project. ACTION: Debora to ask for one page description from them, then we might organize a conf call.

Next meeting 11.7.2019, 13:30 CET

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