T7.1 Clarin



Debora Testi (CINECA)

Attendees: Debora, Dieter, Willem

  • Deliverable: outline discussed, VCL and Swithcabord to be added as they were not in the previous doc, usage can be written based on VA, even if numbers are not aligned in time this is not an issue
  • Evaluation of AAI -> Daan Broader -> early december
  • VM testing: in contact with Diego, latency issues, new machines providesd benchmarks done, additional testing done and CESNET offered extra suggestion to improve performance. Nechmarks to be re-run to check. Some twickhing still going on. 
  • REPROLANG 2020 -> CLARIN re run and verify the results, focus on reproducibility -> maybe some additional VM needed  for a short time
  • Additional effort for the task: 2PMs extra for Task 7.1 - WP7.
  • AOB: After the EOSC-hub week of May next year, is there a final conference or similar (ACTION; Debora to check with Sara)

Next meeting: 17th Dec 10:00 CET 

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