Debora Testi (CINECA)

ECAS-WP7 VC, May 23 10:00

  • B2SHARE integration (https://wiki.eosc-hub.eu/display/EOSC/Support+for+PID+profiles+in+B2SHARE)
    • ECAS part is done (client developed and ready), now waiting for B2SHARE team to finish their developments; this is not a blocker, ECAS plan will not change depending when or if this comes
  • OneData integration
  • IM integration
  • Other activities
    • New Ophidia releases, deployed also now at DKRZ, DKRZ instance up to date
    • IAM-ECAS integration in good shape. Extensions to JupyterHub and PyOphidia have been implemented. Currently being tested on a development instance at CMCC.
    • More use cases with notebooks developed at DKRZ with detailed help from CMCC team; demonstrator at ECAS workflow repository available, can also be used in future trainings
    • IS-ENES & EOSC-hub website updates (catalog & marketplace), links need to be updated
  • Training efforts
    • Training delivered by ECAS team at EGU 2019 in April
    • Training currently ongoing locally in the context of a university course in Lecce.

Next call provisionally June 21, 09:00 CEST

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