18-20 April 2018
Europe/Rome timezone


WP11 - Tools and Services for Research Data Management

18 Apr 2018, 16:00



WP11 - Tools and Services for Research Data Management

  • Giuseppe La Rocca (EGI.eu)
  • Shaun de Witt (UKAEA)
  • Rene Horik, van (DANS - Data Archiving and Networked Services)


Research Data Management (RDM) concerns plans, policies, programs and practices that control, protect, deliver and enhance the value of research data. The aim of the training is to present and discuss research data management tools and services and is aimed at researchers and research communities.

The training consists of three parts:

1.) Framework for Discipline-specific RDM (30 minutes) (René)
One size does not fit all. Research data management plans take specific issues into consideration, e.g. in relation to the scientific discipline. So-called Domain Data Protocols (DDPs) are a pragmatic solution to ensure proper implementation of individual DMPs.
The state of art of DDPs is presented and the relevance for specific situation is discussed.

Participants will get insight into good practice concerning management of research data (research products / research artifacts), taking specific disciplinary issues into consideration.

2.) EOSC-hub services that support the research data life-cycle (30 minutes) (Shaun)

The EOSC-hub services are classified and discussed in relation to their role in the research data life-cycle. The research data life-cycle represents all of the stages of data throughout its life from its creation for a study to its distribution and reuse. It is an important principle in the data management planning.

Participants will learn which service can be used to support the life-cycle of data throughout the research process.

3.) Tools to create Data management plans (30 minutes) (René / Shaun)

A DMP-tool helps researchers create data management plans. A DMP is a formal document that outlines what a researcher will do with her data during and after a research project. Several profiles / templates for DMPs do exist, e.g. aimed at specific funding scheme.
A number of DMP-tools exist or are under development. An overview will be given.

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