9-11 October 2018
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Data Management Service at Wageningen University

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ISCTE, University of Lisbon
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Erik Bergh, van den (Wageningen University & Research)


Wageningen University & Research is a leading organisation in the Netherlands for the food, economic, social and agricultural research areas. One of the key achievements of its operation is large scale fundamental, applied and field trial research performed by more than 4000 researchers. However, the current explosion of data generated by new high-throughput methods has put large pressure on the compute and data facilities in house. To manage these new data streams a new internal centre has been established, the Wageningen Data Competence Centre (WDCC). The rapid expansion of resource requirements has also led to an overgrowth of homemade solutions that are implemented by the different research groups to suit their individual needs. This has led to a lack of insight into the data available university wide and is not conducive to the interoperability between research groups and to external collaborators. Therefore, the WDCC is introducing the Wageningen Data Service which will aim to unify the different data solutions currently in place. The goal will be to not only present new and existing datasets in a unified manner, but also to catalogue and promote standards that are currently being used or should be used in order to promote interoperability. The interoperability of the data will be further enhanced through the application of ontologies and a semantic web. Specifically, the implementation will be driven by direct input from groups from a number of research fields such as geographic information systems (GIS), food and economy. In this presentation we will present outcomes from surveys among scientists on desired features of the system, architecture and design of the system and its real world use-cases.


Wageningen University & Research (WUR)is a leading agriculture, social and economic research and education organisation in the Netherlands which is experiencing a new wealth of data produced by modern high-throughput research. To fully exploit the possibilities of these data streams, the Wageningen Data Service has been introduced which has the goal to ensure the FAIRness of all data produced across all fields of research present at WUR. In this presentation we will present outcomes from surveys among scientists on desired features of this service, the architecture, design process and its real world use-cases.

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Erik Bergh, van den (Wageningen University & Research)


Ms Jacquelijn Ringersma (Wageningen University & Research) Mr Willem-Jan Knibbe (Wageningen University & Research)

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