9-11 October 2018
Europe/Lisbon timezone

OpenAIRE Broker Service and the Dashboard for Content Providers: Open Science as-a-Service for repositories

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ISCTE, University of Lisbon
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Pedro Principe (University of Minho)


One of the OpenAIRE major services for Open Science is to aggregate content from many different sources from Europe and beyond, which includes literature and data repositories. OpenAIRE infrastructure applies cleaning, transformation, disambiguation processes, and identifies relationships among all research entities from the aggregated content. OpenAIRE is developing a publication brokering service where the repository managers will be able to register and get notifications for any updates on the content provided to OpenAIRE. The OpenAIRE graph is a valuable source for repository managers to improve their repository collections and content, as it may feature information that is not otherwise available to them. Via the OpenAIRE dashboard for content providers, the OpenAIRE Literature Broker Service is offering subscription and notification functionalities explicitly targeting the repository needs. By exploiting the provenance information tracked by the OpenAIRE infrastructure, it will be possible to subscribe to "enrichment" events and be notified whenever OpenAIRE enriches a publication metadata record with new properties (subjects, citation list, research initiatives) or new relationships to projects or datasets. By enriching with relationships and analyzing the information space graph, the service will also be able to notify repository managers about "addition" events whenever a publication metadata record relevant for that repository is aggregated from another data source. Repositories are interested to acquire extra information that improves their collection of metadata records: i) Enrichments: enrich the records they already have with extra metadata information; ii) Additions: add to their collection records that are “related with” the repository, i.e. they should/could be part of their collection. Repository managers can subscribe to the service to receive notifications about records “assigned to them” and specify topics and how and when to be notified. The broker services will be available via a specific dashboard for OpenAIRE content providers. The OpenAIRE content provider dashboard will also include the current validator and registration services and other functionalities, such as the monitoring of aggregation process, metadata enrichment and usage statistics. This demo will showcase the dashboard functionalities available for OpenAIRE content provider managers and present the major results from the enhancements introduced in the context of OpenAIRE-Advance and OpenAIRE-Connect projects.


This demo will showcase the dashboard service functionalities available for OpenAIRE content providers managers and present the major results from the catch-all broker service developed by OpenAIRE-Advance and OpenAIRE-connect projects.
The OpenAIRE content provider dashboard is a one-stop shop supporting content providers at registering their sources to OpenAIRE, to make their metadata visible via the OpenAIRE portal. Among its functionalities, the dashboard offers validation of compliance to OpenAIRE guidelines, aggregated usage statistics for articles and repository, and enrichment of source content via subscription and notification

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Pedro Principe (University of Minho)


Claudio Atzori, (CNR-ISTI) Stefania Martziou (ATHENA Research Center)

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