9-11 October 2018
Europe/Lisbon timezone

EOSC-hub Marketplace Tool

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ISCTE, University of Lisbon
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Roksana Rozanska (CYFRONET)


EOSC-hub Marketplace is a user-facing platform with EOSC-hub services of different nature: infrastructural, application, human-based and others, can be promoted, discovered, ordered and accessed. A set of functionalities implemented in the Marketplace supports efficient order management and facilitates the interactions of a user with service providers. Main functionalities offered by the Marketplace are: - Discover and order services: finding and ordering services within the Marketplace. The users can customise their orders by selecting available service options and attributes. - Authentication: based on EOSC-hub AAI to provide suitable information about the customer that requested services access. Access request: submitting a service order together with a set of information to profile it. - Order handling: based on given information and procedures behind it a set of order requests is created, ready to be handled by the relevant operations personnel. - Service management: managing order-relevant information for service providers. - SLA management: support accepted user’s orders in creating corporate or custom SLA for the user, available on the user dashboard. As a result, researchers and other users who can gain from EOSC-hub services have a single platform giving them opportunity to find means supporting their research, express interest in becoming a service user, issue the service order (where they can describe in details the configuration of a service needed) and, as result, gain access and meaningful tools for their research. At the same time, it is a platform supporting service providers. Its flexibility allows to introduce and promote various services, described by different sets of attributes to support order management process and giving the service providers freedom to choose different levels of integration with the platform in means of service delivery and service management process. The technological solution behind the Marketplace was delivered as a result of EGI Engage project by ACK Cyfronet AGH, and the first deployed instance is currently supporting EGI infrastructure and its service catalogue (marketplace.egi.eu). The first approach to EOSC-hub Marketplace which now is in the testing phase is available at http://marketplace.eosc-hub.eu.


The demo will show the latest achievements in EOSC-hub Marketplace functionalities allowing users to search, discover, order and access EOSC-hub services.

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Roksana Rozanska (CYFRONET)

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