9-11 October 2018
Europe/Lisbon timezone

Have a CoP of T in our café!

9 Oct 2018, 16:15
1h 30m
Auditorium B203 (Lisbon)

Auditorium B203


ISCTE, University of Lisbon
World Cafe Session Have a CoP of T in our Cafe


Angus Whyte (UE) Mrs Ellen Leenarts (DANS) Dr Giuseppe La Rocca (EGI.eu) Iryna Kuchma (EIFL)


The session is organised by a group of people who coordinate training programmes of research and e-infrastructures and who took the initiative of starting a Community of Practice (CoP) for training coordinators and training managers. Through the CoP we aim to map out the training activities of various pan-European, EOSC-related initiatives and strengthen their training capacity by improved alignment, sharing experiences and good practices, initiating cross-infrastructure training activities. ARDC, CESSDA, DARIAH, EGI, ELIXIR, EOSCpilot, EOSC-hub, EUDAT, FOSTER, FREYA, GÉANT, OpenAIRE and PRACE already expressed interest in participating in the CoP. The workshop is follow-up of a training workshop that was organised by the EUDAT training team in January in Porto and a presentation at the RDA in March. The Café is an ideal format to discuss some of the questions living in the group offline, share experiences of what has worked and what has not worked, share ideas and strategy to help the multi-domain knowledge transfer across borders. Over the coming years there will be new challenges to capture coming from the needs of cross-domain data-driven science. The unprecedented access to data and the computational ability to process it will produce new accelerated breakthroughs. During this session, we’ll focus on exciting new developments, we will address urgent gaps and, in the end, we will try to highlight common strategies that can be adopted for improving the knowledge transfer within the group. Agenda: 1. Introduction of the Community of Practice and to the session - Iryna Kuchma, OpenAIRE 2. Open badges: What are they and how are they used? - Giuseppe La Rocca, EGI Foundation 3. Skills and competences frameworks, including the EOSCpilot consultation on its Skills and Capability Framework – Angus Whyte, DCC 4. How to make training materials discoverable? - Ellen Leenarts, DANS  5. Making an impact that matters – Irina Mikhailava, GÉANT  6. Organising Summer Schools and reflecting on the approach What’s in it for you? You should join this session when you want to meet your fellow training coordinators and become part of the Community – let’s have a “CoP of T” together!


The Community of Practice focuses on large-scale, long-term training programmes (domain-independent, domain-specific and/or training at the national level). For this reason it is not a community for trainers, but for those who are in charge of training. This is also the primary target audience for the World Café Session, but we welcome everyone with an interest in improving and scaling up training. After a brief introduction of the Community we’ll focus on exciting new developments. Come and join us for a “CoP of T”!

Type of abstract World Cafe Session

Primary author

Iryna Kuchma (EIFL)


Angus Whyte (UE) Mrs Ellen Leenarts (DANS) Dr Gergely Sipos (EGI.eu) Dr Giuseppe La Rocca (EGI.eu) Marjan Grootveld (DANS-KNAW)

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