Oct 9 – 11, 2018
Europe/Lisbon timezone

The EOSCpilot Science Demonstrators as a demonstration of the EOSC in practice

Oct 10, 2018, 4:45 PM
Auditorium B104 (Lisbon)

Auditorium B104


ISCTE, University of Lisbon
Presentation Area 5. Digital Infrastructures for EOSC and/or EDI EOSC from Theory to Practice


Ilaria Fava (Göttingen State and University Library)


The EOSCpilot project (2017-2018) has the purpose of supporting the first phase of development of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). Among its objectives, there is the one to develop a number of demonstrators functioning as high-profile pilots, that integrate services and infrastructures to show interoperability and its benefits in selected scientific domains. To meet this objective, the project selected and funded 15 Science Demonstrators in different disciplines (Life Sciences, Environmental and Earth Sciences, Energy, Physics, Social Sciences to name a few of them) to demonstrate the effectiveness of the EOSC approach: a digital environment where researchers could use federated services to perform their research projects. This presentation will showcase the experience of the Science Demonstrators within the EOSCpilot; in particular, it will present the recommendations they provided during the project regarding the services interoperability and use of standard protocols, friendly and user-friendly interfaces, open source components, and much more. Being pilots in the pilot, in fact, the Science Demonstrators show the relevance and usefulness of the EOSC Services and their role in enabling data reuse, to drive the EOSC development. Responding to the Consultation Platform on the Rules of Participation, from the SDs will also serve to provide the discussion topics during the event and will be the main takeaways of the session. Presenting these results at DI4R would be an exciting opportunity to reach out on one side to researchers, that are the primary users of the EOSC, and on the other to potential service providers or research infrastructures not yet involved, thus enlarging the services' offer.


The purpose of this presentation is to showcase the experience of the EOSCpilot Science Demonstrators as building blocks of the European Open Science Cloud; it will also highlight their primary contribution to the development of a set of recommendations for the implementation of the EOSC services.

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Mr Alessio Corongiu (TRUST-IT SERVICES) Ilaria Fava (Göttingen State and University Library) Valentino Cavalli (LIBER)

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