9-11 October 2018
Europe/Lisbon timezone

EOSC Service Architecture: how the services could support the use communities

9 Oct 2018, 14:15
1h 30m
Main Auditorium (Lisbon)

Main Auditorium


ISCTE, University of Lisbon
World Cafe Session EOSC Service Architecture


Dr Giacinto Donvito (INFN)


EOSC-Hub project is actively working on proposing a new Service Architecture, starting from the Service already available at the proposal preparation, plus considering also the new services provided by use communities working in the EOSC-Hub project and the ones implemented by external projects. This activity has the final goal to support the end users communities with powerful and easy to exploit services. In the context of EOSC-Hub we are already working together with the user communities, to gather their requirements and propose a coherent and effective service architecture. We will report on this activity with the aim to help other communities to exploit the services also in different context. The session will present an updated view on the EOSC-Hub Service architecture, as released in the deliverable planned to end of September. We will have one Technical talk where the service architecture will be shown from the point of view of the end users community: how those services could be composed and used by the user to build their own services. We will provide information about the interaction between the services in the EOSC Service catalogue and how they could be used together also if they come from different environment. We will put the EOSC effort to build the service architecture, in the context of others projects in parallel (EOSCpilot, EINFRA-21 project, GEANT4-2, OpenAIRE-Advanced, e-InfraCentral, etc), in order to present to the user community a coherent view of the possibility available and they will evolve. We will put into the agenda: one talk that describe the EOSC-Hub effort in the context of Service Architecture one talk from external project that are providing or willing to provide new services into the EOSC Service Catalogue one talk from EOSCpilot to talk about the work done in the context of service catalogue one talk representative of others efforts in the same context. One example of use communities exploiting services in the service catalogue to build brand-new service usable by end users. In the World Cafe Session, we will also dedicate a short slot to update the audience about the status of the service roadmap and the planned updated.


The session will present an updated view on the EOSC-Hub Service architecture, as released in the deliverable planned to end of September, with the particular aim of showing how them have been used from the user communities to build other services exploiting the basic services. We will also provide information about the activity going on in different project in the same timeframe with respect to the same argument. We will report about the users communities experience, in order to have real examples on how to build new high-level services from the already available common services.

Type of abstract World Cafe Session

Primary author

Dr Giacinto Donvito (INFN)

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