9-11 October 2018
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Data Knowledge Visual Analytics Framework for Astrophysics within EOSC

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ISCTE, University of Lisbon
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Eva Sciacca (INAF)


The Astrophysical community has set up a new suite of cutting-edge Milky Way surveys that provide a homogeneous coverage of the entire Galactic Plane and that have already started to transform the view of our Galaxy as a global star formation engine (http://vialactea.iaps.inaf.it). New instruments have delivered information of unprecedented depth and spatial detail spanning the electromagnetic spectrum. This work is aimed at the integration in the EOSCpilot e-infrastructure (https://eoscpilot.eu) of a visual analytics environment based on VisIVO (Visualization Interface for the Virtual Observatory) (http://visivo.oact.inaf.it/) and its module VLVA (ViaLactea Visual Analytics) [1]. The VLVA application is investigating the use of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) technologies for the archive services and intensive analysis employing the connection with the ViaLactea Science Gateway (https://vialactea-sg.oact.inaf.it/) [2]. The archiving services are being deployed within the EGI Federated Cloud toward the assurance of a FAIR access to the surveys data and related metadata. The science gateway has been integrated with the EGI Check-in (https://www.egi.eu/services/check-in/) service to enable the connection from the federated Identity Providers and with the EGI Federated Cloud (https://www.egi.eu/services/cloud-compute/) to expand the computing capabilities making use of a dedicated virtual appliance stored into the EGI Applications Database (https://appdb.egi.eu/store/vappliance/visivo.sd.va). This project is expected to produce the following outcomes for the astrophysics community engaged in star formation studies: - integration of visual analytics tools with EOSC services; - optimization of the archiving of multi-wavelength surveys under FAIR principles; - increase of computing resources for analysis (e.g. for calculation of spectral energy distributions); - a federated and interoperable virtual environment enabling collaboration and re-use of data and knowledge. [1] Vitello, Fabio et al. “Vialactea Visual Analytics Tool for Star Formation Studies of the Galactic Plane” (2018) Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, Volume 130, Number 990 [2] Sciacca, Eva, et al. "VIALACTEA science gateway for Milky Way analysis." Future Generation Computer Systems (2017).


The VisIVO Visual analytics tool for star formation regions demands an increasing archiving and computing resources as well as a federated and interoperable virtual environment enabling collaboration and re-use of data and knowledge. Thus, the connection with the European Open Science Cloud is being investigated exploiting the EGI services such as the Check-in (for federated authentication and authorization) and the Federated Cloud (for analysis and archiving services).

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Eva Sciacca (INAF)


Alessandro Costa (INAF) Fabio Vitello (INAF) Dr Sergio Molinari (INAF) UGO BECCIANI (INAF)

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