9-11 October 2018
Europe/Lisbon timezone


Rules of Participation for EOSC

9 Oct 2018, 16:15


ISCTE, University of Lisbon


Rules of Participation for EOSC

  • Mark Sanden (SURFsara BV)


The European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) brings together research and e-Infrastructure providers to provide a world-class infrastructure environment for excellent science. The aim of EOSC is to support research communities and scientists to discover, request, access and use services and resources they need to pursue their research in an open framework.

The notion of Rules of Participation has been proposed to specify the conditions under which any service provider may participate in EOSC. According to the SWD EOSC Implementation Roadmap published by the European Commission in March 2018, these rules are expected “to set out in a transparent and inclusive manner the rights, obligations and accountability of the different stakeholders taking part in the initiative (e.g. data producers, service providers, data and service users). However, it is also foreseen that “these rules will apply differently to EOSC participants, depending on their maturity and role (service providers vs. users, scientists or innovators), location (EU vs. global research partners), and would need to respect the specificities of different scientific disciplines”.

Several initiatives have started to address this important topic. The EOSCpilot project has delivered a minimal set of rules following a consultation process with e-Infrastructure and research infrastructure stakeholders. The EOSC-hub project is approaching the topic from a service provisioning perspective, in order to set up common principles for federating service providers as part of the Hub. The 2nd High Level Expert Group on EOSC has just launched an open consultation and is gathering further input from stakeholders with a view to propose an initial set of rules which could be taken up by EOSC.

In this World Cafe session, we will review the current state of the discussion regarding these EOSC Rules of Participation, by presenting the work from the EOSCpilot project, the EOSC-hub project and the 2nd High Level Expert Group on EOSC on this important topic. We will identify commonalities and differences between the three initiatives and discuss the next steps.

Via a panel discussion, valuable feedback will be collected from the audience and from the presenters on the current status and direction taken in designing the rules.

Target audience

  • Community representatives interested in joining or using the EOSC
  • Service providers interested in offering services via EOSC
  • Representatives from funding agencies interested in the rules of participation of EOSC

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