EOSC-hub tech-talk: Cloud, containers, orchestration

Gergely Sipos (EGI.eu)
This is the third EOSC-hub tech-talk, focussing on Cloud, container and orchestrator services offered in the project. Each EOSC-hub tech-talk is a webinar-meetup with a short presentation about the technical area by topic experts, followed by short presentations of problems/requirements that EOSC-hub communities bring from that area, finishing with Q&As to identify solutions for the problems raised. Tech-talks aim to be consultancy events that bring together technical expert and scientific communities. If you are representative of a scientific community and wish to raise your domain problems/requirements during the tech-talk, then please to prepare 2 slides in advance of the meeting: One slide about your envisaged use of cloud/container/orchestrator services; and one about the open questions/problems/requirements you have in this topic. Please send the slides at least 2 days before the meeting to gergely.sipos@egi.eu, giacinto.donvito@ba.infn.it, diego.scardaci@egi.eu. Link to connect: https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/950533149 Agenda: 1. Introduction 2. EGI Cloud Compute and EGI Cloud Container Compute services 3. INDIGO PaaS Orchestrator 4. Q & A
The agenda of this meeting is empty