12-13 May 2011
Science Park, Amsterdam
Europe/Amsterdam timezone
This workshop will bring together three critical groups (resource providers, end-users and technology providers) within the European production infrastructure to ask the following series of questions: * Should EGI move towards providing an 'Infrastructure as a Service' model (a.k.a. cloud computing) tuned to support data intensive research communities? * Should this service be provided by federations of resource providers from the research community, commercially by ad hoc agreements between users and resource providers, or by collective negotiation and purchase of resources on behalf of different communities? * What sort of use (consuming communities and use cases) would the research community make of such a capability? * What are the major issues (e.g. technical, policy, governance, etc.) that need to be resolved for this use to happen? Over the workshop through a series of presentations and breakouts we will try to answer these questions in order to end the meeting with a set of critical observations that can be developed into a roadmap that will meet the growing need for virtualised resources from the European research communities. The meeting schedule will deliberately not spend a lot of time on technology related presentations or provide an introduction for cloud computing. There are plenty of meetings that can provide that information. A selection of recent events are provided below: * CloudScape III, Brussels, March * EGI User Forum - Cloud & Virtualisation sessions, Vilnius, Lithuania, April * SIENA Grids and Clouds standards roadmap * DCI Collaborative Roadmap It would be useful to have short specific presentation understanding the use cases from the e-science community to help motivate the discussions.
Science Park, Amsterdam
Z011 (Turingzaal)
Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI)Science Park 123 1098 XG Amsterdam Netherlands
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